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We are not your average marketing company! We focus on what matters to you. We refuse to fall into the “one size fits all” box, and instead listen to your wants and needs, where you see your business headed and how you want to get there. Then we create a marketing strategy and implementation plan that fits with your vision and your budget. Does it take more time than a cookie cutter approach? You bet! But we are about you and your success – not just finishing quickly so we can move on to the next project!

When it comes right down to it, happy customers are our mission!

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In 2017, our CEO, Christy Falkenberg, founded Stone City Digital to bring a fresh approach and personal touch to the world of digital marketing.  


In the early days, Christy was like many other entrepreneurs and founders: overstretched, overworked, and underpaid, chasing growth and success on 4 hours of sleep. Since then, Stone City Digital Inc. has become a dynamic and successful digital marketing firm and we’ve expanded our reach into Canada, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It’s the heartbeat of our dedicated team that’s driven our success.


We believe that fostering a safe environment for freedom of thought and encouraging freedom of expression allows our team members to push creativity and innovation beyond all expectations.


When we combine this foundational belief with our commitment to our client’s growth and success, we become Bold, Authentic, Creative, and Intentional. Now, that’s an extraordinary combination!

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It’s the heartbeat of our dedicated team that’s driven our success. Whether it is content creation, email marketing, social media or a whole new website, we have the skills and knowledge to make your vision a reality

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